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Yeti Snow Pushers


$ 3,350.00 $ 4,995.00

Why Choose YETI?

If your a professional snow removal contractor you'll love the Yeti 10 ft. Skid steer snow pusher. This pusher is the perfect match for any mid sized skid steer you own. It fits a variety of brands from Bobcat, Gehl, Caterpillar to New Holland and more. These are universal snow pusher box attachments so feel free to swap it between machines on site. 

Here at YETI we aim to serve your needs by offering a heavy duty snow pusher at manufacturer direct pricing. When building our products we made a conscious decision to source all of our material from other American manufactures. We believe that keeping Americas work force at work is good business. It also allows us to make sure we our using the best material possible. 

Product Specifications 

 Item Length Width Height
Skid Steer Pusher 10' 36" 36"
Ski 42" 5" 3/4" thick
Rubber Blade 10' 8" 1 1/2" thick
Steel Washer for Rubber 10' 2.5" 3/8"
Angel Iron Side Support  23" 2" 2"
Formed Steel Back Board   10' 36" 7 Gage
Side Panel  36"  36" 3/8" thick


That's one Strong YETI

After taking a look at our specifications it's clear that our snow pushers are built to last. One thing we do different is use 5 pieces of angel iron to create the support frame for our back board. Angel iron is formed steel, this alone minimizes the chance that the steel will bend or break like some of the welded frames out there. If your looking for a product thats going to take a beating and last season after season you've found it with the YETI 10 foot Skid Steer Push Box.

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