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Yeti Snow Pushers


$ 3,595.00 $ 4,995.00

Commercial Snow Pushers Done Right

When you see a Yeti pusher for the first time it becomes clear that we are a leader in the commercial snow equipment industry. When we designed the first Yeti Pusher we did so as if we would use it on our own snow accounts. From large parking lots to commercial or industrial lots Yeti will prove to be the best weapon in your arsenal. 

Your in the business of plowing snow, we're in the business of manufacturing the best equipment to help you get the job done as efficient as possible. One thing is certain, when your using a Yeti Snow Pusher your using one heavy duty monster of an attachment. 

Snow Pusher Specifications 

 Item Length Width Height
Skid Steer Pusher 10' 36" 36"
Ski 42" 5" 3/4" thick
Rubber Blade 10' 8" 1 1/2" thick
Steel Washer for Rubber 10' 2.5" 3/8"
Angel Iron Side Support  23" 2" 2"
Formed Steel Back Board   10' 36" 7 Gage
Side Panel  36"  36" 3/8" thick


Built to last

It's easy to see that our pushers are designed to work. Add to that fact all of our manufacturing is done right here in America and you've got an even better product. This let's us keep an eye on our process each step of the way. Our goal is simple. We want to provide you with a great product at a price that is hard to beat and make you a customer for life. If you like what you've seen hear let us hear it or share it with your friends below. 

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