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How to Stack Snow with a Snow Pusher for Loader

Stacking Snow with a Push Box

Here's another great "How to" video from the Dirt Ninja youtube channel. If your new to the snow removal industry or new to operating a wheel loader for snow management then I suggest you watch this video. It offers three great tips for stacking large amounts of snow using your snow pusher attachment.

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Notice that the operator mentions how a lot of operators will remove the snow pusher to switch from plowing the snow to stacking it. This is inefficient and requires you to get out of the machine to unchain and remove the pusher. Not to mention the time to re attach the pusher. While it may only add 20 minutes I'm the kind of guy who'd rather be as productive as possible. 

With that said I have listed what I believe are the three most important tips this operator gives for stacking snow the right way. 

3 Tips for Stacking Snow 

  1. Go into the pile with force. This will compact much of the snow and stop lose snow from falling out of the bottom of the pusher. Remember pushers don't have a bottom.
  2. Get under the snow. Angel you bucket slightly up and drop your boom down to get underneath the snow.
  3. Push in to the snow, lifting and move forward. While this may require you to do multiple things at once it still counts as one step because it should all be simultaneous. 

Stacking snow can literally be as easy as 1,2,3 if you know what your doing. I know this operator makes it look easy and once you've done it a few seasons it'll become a breeze but it's like the guy said, the guy with the biggest pile wins. So get out the and start stacking. 

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